Teen Summer Programs

Whether it’s an overnight pre-college program, teen travel, or sleep away camp, attending a summer program is a highly beneficial way to pursue new interests, improve existing skills, and make new friends. The Camp Experts & Teen Summers has researched the best summer programs and the best summer camps for middle and high school aged youth. These programs focus on specific pursuits like becoming a camp counselor or attending sports camps, academic summer sessions, art and theatre camps, study abroad, language immersion and many, many more.

As the name suggests, pre-college summer programs are programs that provide you with an education opportunity. Students who enroll in these camps want to improve their skills in specific subjects by taking courses aimed at preparing them for the next academic year or for your SAT’s, or to give you a small idea of college life.

There are some programs that simulate an academy type environment, and thus help its students get ready to face their next year in high school or university. These programs concentrate on everything related to schools and universities and offer the best preparation for students for the next academic year.

Opportunities exist for joining pre-college summer programs located abroad and thus learn a new language, and improve your self sufficiency and social skills. Interaction with foreign students can also allow you to learn about a new culture and help you prepare for the next year.

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