Teen Program Options

Pre-college summer programs focus on various areas of academic interest such as:

  • 3-D animation Music
  • Advertising Photography
  • Architecture Psychology
  • Business/Economics Public Speaking / Debate
  • Community Service SAT Prep
  • Computers Sciences
  • Dance Sociology
  • Digital Photography Sports Broadcasting
  • Government Study Skills
  • Internships TOEFL
  • Journalism Video Game Design
  • Law Video Production
  • Mathematics Writing / English
  • Multi Media

Sometimes you can attend these programs and do these sports:

  • Basketball Surfing
  • Climbing Tennis
  • Conditioning/Weights Volleyball
  • Golf Water Sports
  • Rowing Yoga/Aerobics/Martial Arts
  • Soccer

There are also programs on topics like environmental studies, aviation and paleontology which may interest you. This broad range of summer programs allows you to choose a program based on your interests and needs.

Choose between a wide range of residential programs. Residential programs let you interact with a diverse group of students with varied experiential and geographic backgrounds.

Moreover, residential programs give you an opportunity to participate in a diverse range of programs and help improve your social development.

Choose combination programs

While choosing your academic summer program, choose one with a combination of academics, sporting events and social activities. Summer programs that provide for academics as well as these additional activities contribute to your full development.

Well-balanced programs with a mix of academic, physical and social activities are generally oriented towards a set of goals. These goals should match your interests, and its classes will offer more than you can get in a regular school setting.

So before joining a program, consult with a academic summer program advisor. Inquire about the degree and its content, and if it is of benefit to you. Ensure that the staff handling the program is competent enough to do so by asking them questions related to the program’s curriculum.
Choose the perfect academic summer program for yourself that adapts best with your flexibility, budget and interests.

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